Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ok, Now The Important Stuff...

To keep the previous post fancy-free, I kept it light on the words. But there are important news bits.

Firstly there are two great projects being put together. Firstly is Flim Fest 2010! For those who don't know, Flim Fest is a festival that has been running in Massachusetts for seven years now, run by our own Joe Botsch, and Kevin James (who really needs to stop by a Drink & Draw meeting). The festival is happening August 21st and 22nd, and the boys need animations so badly. So send them whatever you got, old or new, sometime before August 7th. And if you don't have anything (or you're too shy) come out and party at the festival anyway. Click the banner for more...

Secondly, a good friend of mine, Matt Keene, is putting together a block of programming for local cable access in Norton and Waltham, called the Animation Hour! This will be an ongoing project, but he needs good films to get off on the right foot. Send him anything you have, now's your chance to see your work on the small screen in a big way! Contact him at

And lastly, but still important, are several Drink & Draw bits. Firstly (again) the up coming Drink & Draw Art Show needs work. This showing will not only be used to get attention for the group (means better networking!) but also will be used to help raise funds for upcoming events, including the Cook Cormack Colossal Cinema Collection! So Get your best pieces! It could be something left over from your senior year (oh, so long ago) or something you drew the other night at 4 am (to escape the encroaching loneliness...), get it all and send it to ME! (you all know where to find me).

Secondly (and lastly) the latest Drink & Draw contest is still ongoing! While your here take time to notice how drab and dull the blog page is. Wouldn't you like to spruce it up? WELL NOW YOU CAN! Come up with a design, a layout, or even a vague concept and submit it to ME! We will all vote on the best one and the winner get's there design used! (I'll even put it up so you can just relax and bask in the glow of victory). So get those designs and ideas to ME!

Peace out homies!

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