Monday, February 21, 2011

Drink & Draw Episode 12: Ride the Tiger of Flame!

Thursday, March 10th, 8:00pm

Boston Beer Works
61 Brookline Avenue,
Opposite Fenway Park
Boston, MA

Here we go again, kids. New year, first Drink & Draw. With the way the weather's been I figured it'd be best to wait until the worst had passed. But it seems like clear skies, so we are back to it! And what better way to represent all of what I just said then with a small albino and his flaming tiger, curtesy of the lovely, talented, and strangely arousing Ms. Sara King! So ya'll know the drill, let's get out there an rock!
As it's a new year, I would like to encourage you all to bring one person with you, even if it's violently against their will. Let's spread our gospel!

By the way, this event art has a history for those who don't know. Check it out;
I encourage everyone to come dressed in some way, celebrating the wonder that is Kevin and Hops!

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